The following quotes are from our "May I Quote You Book".  Please stop by our booth at one of our shows, and sign our quote book.   You might just find yourself quoted here.

"What beautiful work.  The capture of the light reflections are amazing.  They make me understand the exact moment the photograph was taken!"

- Carrie Atkins,
Front Royal, VA

"You truly capture the beauty of nature and God's creatures!"

- Lisa Larger,
Herndon, VA

"Gorgeous work!  We fell in love with the camellia."

- K. Hardin,
Hickory, NC

"Excellent...extremely passionate.  Flowers are perfect.  All photos have and give inspiration."

- Frank Collins,
High Point, NC

"Fantastic & lovely.  Thanks for the experience."

- Jamie Mallet,
Greensboro, NC

"Color & Composition are Wonderful."

- Larry Fox,
Hinton, WV

"Excellent photos & incredible landscapes."

- Jeff & Laura Willis,
Morehead City, NC

"I like your pictures and wish I could come close to duplicating the vision."

- Jeff Lustig,
Little River, SC

"Breathtaking - I love them all!"

- April Bunn,
Raleigh, NC

"Beautiful photographs - he's an amazing artist!"

- Amanda Claypool,
N. Augusta, SC

"Reminds me of my years in Switzerland.  These pictures capture much of the essence of a place you really must see."

- Richard Tucker

"Stunning works of art."

- Jill Tompkin

"The scenes bring back memories of our favorite place and make them vibrant again."

- Jane Rosenthal,
Burke, VA

"Great work, vibrant colors, nice subject matter.  Very peaceful."

- Stephen Dorton,
Ashland, VA

"As I rounded the booth corner, your pictures literally took my breath away."

- Carolyn Fischetti,
Richmond, VA

"Beautiful photography from around the world.  Composition like a breath of fresh air."

- Craig Coreine,
Pittsboro, NC

"Your photos are stimulating and captivating.  You have an excellent eye."

- Melissa J. Poole,
Savannah, GA

"Your photos are extraordinary.  The colors are so vibrant and alive  Wonderful job."

- Anne Williams

"Maya Angelou once said, 'color is the true lightness and essence of being...', and after viewing your beautiful photo's, I  am in 100% agreement."

- John Henson

"Your 'Fly Fisherman' is wonderfully balanced.  So solid."

- Fran Sanagan,

"I always enjoy photos by people that give a great deal of thought to composition."

- David J. Morris

"Fantastic photography.  Lovely animal photo's.  Very impressive."

- Rachel Harrelson,
Social Circle, GA

"Your photos are spectacular.  The fine art of a special eye."

- Chris Heuple

"Your art is exquisite.  As a photographer, I love the POP and colors of your work.  The image quality is a 10+.  The nature work takes lots of work and it shows.  Love the hummingbird shots.  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me."

- Topper Hartness,
Greenville, SC

"Your gallery is so intriguing.  I was captivated by the variety of moments you offer and of course your personalities are superb."

- Bill Mitchell, 7-day detective

"Your work is absolutely beautiful.  I too am a photographer and certainly appreciate your tallent."

- Brenda Douglas,
Aiken, SC

"Great photos.  Vibrant colors and an obvious talent in both of you."

- Kim Harson
Yadkin Co, NC

"Spectacular colors.  Wonderful birds."

- Kay DeGraw,
Winston-Salem, NC

"Great work.  Beautiful color."

- C.W.Swehl

"I want to be like you someday."

- George Norton,
Smithfield, VA

"Very inspiring.  Taking photo's is my passion - seeing yours was a pleasure."

- Beth Czapp,
Conway, SC

"Your photographs are amazingly sharp.  A sign of an excellent photographer."

- PG Price,
Bolivia, NC

"Wonderful pictures.  Love the subject matter and work is very well done.  Good Luck!"

Ron Vanover,
Benham, KY


- Mark Youngblood,
Myrtle Beach, SC

"Great Image Quality.  Nice framing."

- Mark Casper

"I love your work.  One day I hope to be this good."

- Ron Ranew,
Rincon, GA

"Your work is outstanding.  They capture the essence of life in all of nature and creations of God.  You are an inspiration to a new photographer."

- Jane Meekin

"Great Prints.  Well executed.  Printed creatively."

- Bill Willingham (aka Billy V, Red Storm)
Pond Branch, SC



We occasionally sell on eBay where we are proud of our 100% positive feedback score 

(see http://myworld.ebay.com/wattsphoto/).  

Here are some examples of recent customer feedback:

  • “Received the picture today as scheduled and in great shape.  Really well packaged.  I've got a very high-resolution monitor but the pictures on ebay did not due it justice.  Could not be happier!  Thanks for the greeting card as well.
    Thanks Again!”

  •  “EXCELLENT SELLER! Truly Beautiful Picture! Beyond Expectations! THANKS!!!!!!!”

  • “Just as described, would buy from again, thank you.”

  • “Exactly as described . Highly recommended seller.”



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