Grevy's  Zebra

Zebra Facts:

  • Did you know that each zebra has a unique pattern of stripes by which it can be identified?
  • Did you know that  baby zebras can walk within 20 minutes of  birth?
  • Did you know that zebras can run at speeds of about 35mph?
  • Did you know that the zebras stripes are a form of camouflage which makes it difficult for predators to pick out a single zebra from a group?
  • Did you know that zebras sleep while standing?
  • Did you know that zebras have a keen sense of hearing and can turn their ears in any direction?
  • Did you know you can tell a zebra's mood by observing its ears?  Erect ears signal a good mood while ears that are pushed forward show fear.
  • Did you know that under it's hair, the skin  of most zebras is dark?  A question which many like to ponder is whether the zebra has white stripes on black or black stripes on white.  In other words what color is a zebra?  The answer most reputable sources seem to agree to is that a zebra is black, but I encourage you to research this topic for yourself and learn more about zebras. 
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